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Coming 4/22/2019!

Who is Olivia “Mink” Phillips? That’s what everyone is dying to know. The Brick City-bred vixen has many caught at a whim, trying to figure out if she’s the suburban wife to be or the spitting image of her father-- the notorious, Prophet Phillips. Little do they know, they’ll find out soon enough. After the ultimate betrayal, the wrath of a Queenpin is unleashed. When secrets surface about the man she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with, she is out for blood. She seeks out the help of Zeqir White, also known to the streets as Zeus. True to his name, Zeqir treats Olivia like the goddess she is and exposes her to all the things she never had with her fiancé. 


Houston “Dinero” Thomas is sitting on top of the world, and on a throne that once belonged to the legendary, Prophet Phillips. Being groomed by the infamous Kingpin, he felt it was only right that he stepped up in his place. Now that he’s made it to the big leagues, he’ll stop at nothing to maintain his position. But with his new thirst for power, will he be too oblivious to see what’s taking place right underneath his nose? 


Witness as the ultimate scheme leaves the city in an uproar and brings one of these high-rollers to their knees.