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Daijah Shine

Daijah Shine was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Writing had always been a form of escape for her. She started writing at the ripe age of seven, creating songs and short poems. 
At the age of fourteen she was introduced to a "new world" of literature. After reading Kia Dupree's "Damaged" and Sister Souljah's "The Coldest Winter Ever", Daijah decided to step into the world of writing. 
After years of seasoning, Daijah has taken a step into the world of Urban Fiction in full force, with works such as: Lovin' The Hood in Him, Down for A Dope Boy's Love, In Need of His Gutta Love, and more. 
With her writing, she aims to embody realistic situations while thinking outside of the box but remaining relatable. Expect the unexpected from this young writer, for there's always a twist and turn when you least expect it!