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Down For A Dope Boy's Love

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Being part of the drug game, or better yet, being the daughter of the biggest Kingpin on the East Coast, love is the last thing on Chasity Logan’s mind. At age fourteen, she was forced to step up as the Logan clan’s "First Lady," following her mother’s untimely death. Being bred by the infamous Chauncey Logan, she knows the ins and outs of the game, firsthand. To many, she is considered a cold piece of work, known to be as tough as any hustler on the block. With no room for error, money is her only motive. At least, until she meets her match. 


Kyron Tucker, also known as “Roc,” is a well-established dope boy who has recently made it to the big leagues. With both of his parents gone, Roc wanted nothing more than to get himself out of the slums of Compton. Nothing else mattered to him. Hustling since a young age, Roc is determined to get it by any means. He learns early on, just how cruel the world could be, never knowing the actual meaning of love— only money and murder. Roc has the heart of a hustler and a natural born swagger that appeals to many, including Chasity Logan.


When the two meet, will they be able to find everything that’s missing within one another? When their worlds collide, will their perceptions change? Or will the drug game push them to make decisions they never anticipated? As they say, before the storm, comes the calm. Will their love prevail and guide them through their darkest hour?