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Down For A Dope Boy's Love 2

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How is it possible that with something that feels so right, everything seems to go wrong? While Chasity wouldn’t trade Roc’s love for anything in this world, she never anticipated the trouble that would follow. Barely escaping with her life, she now holds on to a deadly secret that could cost her and Roc more than any dollar bill. Still haunted by her past and the sins of her father, she finds herself in a fight for not only her life, but her son’s. With Roc by her side, will their love for one another prove to be the only thing they need to survive? Or, will her worst fears come true?


Roc never anticipated falling in love or the things he would do for the sake of it. When someone poses a threat to his family, he will stop at nothing to protect them—no matter who he has to go up against. While he may have won the battle, there is still a war on the horizon. Is he prepared to face the consequences for his actions? Or, will Roc soon learn that he is in over his head?


In the final installment of the ‘Down for A Dope Boy’s Love’ series, Chasity and Roc will see just how mean the streets can be. In the end, will they still stand together? Or, will someone pay the price for the decisions they’ve made?