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In Need Of His Gutta Love

Somoya Owens is what some would consider Miami’s ‘it’ girl. Her clothing line, OFF LIMITS, has left the South Florida streets on fire, and with the star Quarterback on her arm, she is the center of every woman’s envy. While being the wife of Reginald Adams meant new adventures for the designer, she soon finds out that everything that glitters isn’t gold. When her husband’s newly acclaimed fame leads to scandal after scandal, Somoya questions if being married to her high school sweetheart is worth the pain and heartache.


Cut from a different breed of men, Kazi Wells is far from the average hustler. He is the man behind the success story of South Florida’s largest Cartel, and the last person you want to cross. Following his father’s footsteps, the smooth-talking Adonis has taken the streets by storm. However, when a certain someone captures his attention, he finds himself reconsidering life in the fast lane. Putting a lock on Somoya’s heart and throwing away the key, he finds himself standing on the frontline, ready to go to war for her affection. When the ultimate betrayal threatens the future he sees with Somoya, Kazi has a decision to make—one that will change what he once knew to be his life.


When their worlds collide, Somoya unexpectedly finds love during her darkest of days, from the coldest of hearts. After the world she once knew is shattered, will she be able to accept the love Kazi has to offer? Or will the damage Reginald had done be too much to repair?