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Would You Be Down For A Gangsta?

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In this standalone novel, Officer Inari Rodrigo finds herself forced to choose between love, loyalty, and the law, as she makes her debut onto the streets of Queens, NY. After facing the ultimate betrayal, Inari puts a lock on what’s left of her broken heart, and throws away the key, throwing herself into her work. When women in the area begin to disappear with no explanation, she goes undercover as a local prostitute. While undercover, she captures the attention of the infamous Kaden “Kato” Brooks, a charismatic drug lord from the streets of Brooklyn, and the prime suspect of her ongoing case.


Being forced to take on his father’s demons at an early age, Kato had managed to build an empire by age twenty-seven. He had everything he could ask for, except for someone to share his wealth with. As he grows older, his aspirations change, and the game doesn’t seem as exciting anymore. After years of being loyal to the streets, is Kato finally ready to walk away? Will the return of an old friend make the decision for him?


As their worlds entwine, the couple finds themselves at the point of no return. Tip-toeing along the fine line of her “role,” and reality, Inari becomes unsure of her ability to keep up the act as she begins to catch feelings for Kato. As they get closer, she realizes that everything isn’t exactly what it seems. When the truth starts to seep through the cracks of what started off as a ruse, Inari finds herself in more trouble than she anticipated. She may soon figure out just how harsh the streets can be, and if her true identity is discovered, it may cost her more than her career.